Sporting Event and Closing Ceremony in Athens on the 19-20 September 2019


Subject: European project Alive & Kicking for people with autism spectrum disorders and mental challenges.



International relay race 4×60 17:30 – 18:00


Alive and Kicking is a unique program based on the humanitarian values of “PLOES” organization that is enhanced by the knowledge provided by Sport Psychology and its beneficial impact on people’s lives. Mental health professionals come together under one common goal: to influence the lives of young people with mental disorders. The team creates sports clinics for young people with high autism functionality and mental challenges in a sports environment.

The intervention, following the publication of the scientific work, will produce a guide of social inclusion and interaction through the use of sports for a target population that only 6% exercises regularly.

The guide is just the starting point for the next steps of the program towards independent, targeted, genuine integration of populations with autism and mental challenges.

“Alive & Kicking” project was inspired, designed and organized by “PLOES” in direct collaboration with the following participating organizations and universities:: “Alma” Panhellenic organisation of adapted activities, “Margarita” vocational training centre Kapodistriako University of Athens, Faculty of Sports Sciences of the European University of Madrid, Spain, “Amfidromo Chorotheatro”, Cyprus, Faculty of Sports Sciences Universite de Lorraine, France and Associação Para A Recuperação De Cidadãos Inadaptados Da Lousã “ARCIL”, Portugal.




Event Host: PLOES E.PSY.ME





Multisport Event, 19 September 2019, Athens



Closing Ceremony on the 20 September 2019, Athens


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