E.Psy.Me. is an acronym for: Psychosocial Research Company,

which is a non-profit organization established by professionals in the mental health and special education field in 1998.

E.Psy.Me  is vigorously activated in the field of mental health and social exclusion of citizens belonging to vulnerable social groups (mainly people with mental illness, mental disability and autism) in order to develop programs and facilities that meet their multilevel needs.


The philosophy of the organization derives from the basic principles of social psychiatry and is linked to the perception that mental disorder is a complex and multi-factorial phenomenon. Therefore, preventing and dealing with its effects from a very young age in a systematic way, an effective method and appropriate means can limit its future consequences. This approach runs through all the actions and initiatives of the organization of E.Psy.Me.


The main objective of the organization is to develop programs and facilities that address the specific, multilevel needs of these individuals with scientific adequacy and methodological effectiveness. On this basis, we are particularly active in the creation of services within a network that contributes to prevention, integrated provision and continuous care, to the wider community of Piraeus.

To date, our organization has developed self-financing facilities and actions in the areas of:
  • Prevention (in cooperation with Local Authorities, Parent Associations and Social Organizations active in the area and the region)
  • Education (emphasizing the specialization of professionals in new techniques for effective intervention culminating in the educational program at the beginning of the structured education for autism with Professor G. Mesibov);
  • Development of Primary Care facilities (with Therapeutic Units already operating in the areas of Perama and Salamina),
  • Development of interventions and integration facilities such as the “Σχεδία” Social Club for people with mental disorders, mental and other disabilities

Website: epsyme.gr

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